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Kash Trays - Red - 3 Grams - JSS

Image of Kash Trays - Red

Kash Trays - Red

Products Rating: 8/10

Total Amount Of Units: 3

Price Per Unit: $20.99 per unit.

Listed Price: $67.97

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What is Kash Trays - Red?

Inspired by necessity and enhanced through design, the Kashtray is the solution to the pipe smoker’s most common problem – how to clean out your pipe. Ideal for wooden pipes, glass pipes, metal pipes, acrylic pipes, ceramic pipes, bone pipes and even corn cob pipes, the Kashtray also works well with most vaporizers. Made of beautifully glazed, high quality ceramic, the Kashtray is functional, attractive, and a must-have for all pipe smokers.


Kashtray Sideview


With all the new smoking products out there, where are the cool ashtrays? The Kashtray is one of the greatest new smoking accessories on the market to clean your pipe.

Metal Cleaning Pin


The Kashtray is the best way to clean out your pipe each time you smoke. The Kashtray removes ash and other unwanted material from your pipe every time you smoke with the specially engineered metal cleaning pin

Kashtray Handsome Rubber Base


Stoner inventions are made to enhance your smoking experience, but few smoking accessories look as stylish on your coffee table. The Kashtray's handsome rubber base protects your furniture while providing a stable base for cleaning your pipe.

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